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Thank you for attending
our first-ever virtual conference

With our first fully digital annual conference now safely under our belt, we’d like to take the time to thank every one of our members, friends, attendees, and partners who made this year’s pioneering event a truly special one!

With almost 300 participants, we are delighted that we have managed to move into a new dimension for sharing quality content.

The current pandemic is all about adapting and innovating – we have redesigned the event agenda from the ground up to ensure we could still bring the most pressing victims’ rights topics to the table.

While our events always target mostly the EU, we felt given the current situation that it was time to bring the global victim support community together to talk solutions, which is exactly what we achieved.

From the current turbulence in the online victim support to the future of VR, AI, drones, social gaming, digital justice for victims of crime – this year had it all.

From each and every one of us at VSE, we would like to say a particular thank you to all our fantastic speakers from Europe, Asia, the US and Africa, who despite the time difference, were more than happy to get involved!

VSE Annual Conference 2020 is free to attend, but donations of any amount are welcome!

VSE is a non-profit organisation advocating for victims’ rights across EU and beyond, and we depend on donations to excel in our work. This year, donations are used to help implement our Facility Dogs project (FYDO),

which will train dogs to assist victims when they participate in criminal proceedings as well as in their recovery. We will also use donations to cover organisational costs of this year’s conference, which is free for everyone. Finally, donations will also go towards maintaining our referral system for cross-border victims of crime.


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