Keynote ‘Our approach to responsibility’, M.Pancini, YouTube|Google, Inc.

Live Testimony by Sandy W. Madar, victim of crime

H. Engell Rhod, Chief Judge at the District Court on Bornholm

Andy Rhodes, Chief Constable, Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary HQ

Using technologies for the benefit of victims within police setting

Danny Nachmuly, VP Sales and Markting, Octopus ltd, Israel

Charlie Pearmund, Managing Director, Virtual Bodyworks

Gigi Guizzo, The Hate Interrupter Teams Creative Tool, The HIT project, EU

Eduardo Mateo Santamaría, The Fernando Buesa Foundation

The Use of Virtual Reality in the Treatment of PTSD, Albert “Skip” Rizzo

Victim protection smart watch

Facility Dogs Project intro

The Use of VR in the Treatment of PTSD

Technology in the courtroom: digital justice

Katarzyna Janicka-Pawlowska, EC’s Coordinator for Victims’ Rights